Setups and more

From small niggles like fret buzz to broken headstocks. We've got you covered. Here's a small sample

Service and setup - from £30 plus strings

A basic service includes checking fret condition (inc fret level), check and adjust truss rod, light fret dress, string change, action and intonation adjustment

All work is undertaken using professional tools, and comes with our personal touch. If there's something we need to tell you about, you'll know before any work is done

Fret level, crown, polish and service - From £80 plus strings

Truss rod adjustment, frets checked and high/low spots identified. Frets levelled with long beam then re-crowned and polished, paying attention to fret ends. Neck clean and polished (non-maple 'boards have lemon oil applied), new strings fitted, intonation and action adjusted, electrical check and contact cleaner applied

A professional service depends on using professional luthier grade tools and equipment. We use top quality tools with loving care

Electrical work - varies

Electrical repairs, modifications and upgrades. It's surprising how little attention is given to electrical components. One of the cheapest and best tonal upgrades can be to replace wiring looms and controls with higher grade parts.

Every precaution is taken to protect your guitar while electrical work is carried out

Mod shop

Bigsby (c) vibrato unit string-through conversion. No more fiddling with strings, roll pins and capos! 

Precision machine tools are used to maintain a straight string path through the string bar, plus all edges are countersunk to remove sharp edges, reducing the risk of string breakage

Fret care

A buzzing fret can be a pain, but is relatively easy to identify and fix using luthier grade tools and experience. This makes repair times shorter meaning you get your beloved guitar back and playing as it should sooner, rather than later

Other repairs

Re-frets, broken headstocks, electrical repairs, pickup replacements, neck replacements, nut or saddle replacement, hardware upgrades, just get in touch for more information

You'll get a realistic turn-around time for any work being undertaken. If you need something in a hurry, let us know and we can try to accommodate that for you

Customer reviews


At Cygnus Guitars we understand how important it is to have your guitar set up and playing just the way you want it. Your guitar is an extension of you as a player and should feel natural in your hands

Setups can be tailored to suit exactly what you want. We can cater for everything from string changes right through to re-frets to get your guitar feeling just right

Acoustic, electric, guitar, bass or any fretted instrument - we care for your guitar

Old guitar plays beautifully now

Just had my old Lincoln fettled by Cygnus Guitars. He did a marvelous job! If it wasn't for a couple of dints I recognised, I'd have said he gave it a totally new neck and headstock, and it plays beautifully. Thanks, Dave

Pat Clarke (Freelance musician, Recliners Band)

Professional and efficient

When I broke the neck of my guitar I was worried if I got it mended it would sound different but Dave managed to fix it back together with fantastic results. He did a full fret level crown and polish and as a result my guitar looks and plays as good as new! I would highly recommend Dave to anyone with any problems with their guitars as he is professional, efficient and very good at what he does. I've been impressed enough to return for more work on my other guitar.

Euan Mail, Rosellas (band)

Snakepit Les Paul

My Slash's Snakepit Epiphone needed much attention having been sat idle for years.  Electrical faults needed to be fixed, broken parts replaced and an overall setup.  I found out about Cygnus guitars.  They took delivery of the guitar, identified all the faults and repairs that needed to be done and provided a quotation. A very thorough job was carried out and the guitar sounds great! I can say the communication, turnaround and repair was very professional and would recommend the services of Cygnus guitars to other players and collectors. 

Tim, Alderley Edge

Definitely recommended

I’ve never had a guitar professionally set up before but wasn’t happy with how my new Les Paul was playing. Dave took it for a few days and it it’s made a real difference - definitely recommend his services

Chris, Wilmlsow

Yiairi classical

My (1960s) classical guitar had a broken tuning peg, so I contacted Dave to repair it.  Dave was really helpful in explaining the options, took time researching the guitar itself and understanding what I wanted, finding suitable tuning machines as replacements and did a lovely job of fitting them and filling the original screw holes properly.  The repair is invisible, the tuners look great and the guitar is now back to being played.  Thanks Dave!

Catherine, Cheadle Hulme

"Such a high standard"

Each guitar that Dave has repaired and maintained has been done to such a high standard, and has clearly been done with both care and understanding of the instrument. All the repairs have been carried out swiftly and professionally, ready to be used again.

L Laird, Head of Music, Wilmslow High School

Bronco Bass

I asked Dave if he could give me a greater tonal range on my Squier Bronco bass. He talked me through the options and offered great advice. As soon as I got it back I could tell it is a massive upgrade. I’m absolutely delighted.

I’ll definitely use Dave’s services again and will be recommending Cygnus to my friends. Friendly, professional service

Ian, Bramhall

Ibanez RG refresh

The jack socket wiring snapped on my Ibanez. I was recommended to Cygnus who quickly repaired the fault with new wiring. Dave recommended a fret polish and new strings as it had been unplayed for a while, so I opted for his full service. I'm glad I did because the guitar plays better than ever now and looks as good as new.

Suer quick and easy to deal with, all work done is to a really high standard. Fantastic service, will definitely be back.

Ben, Wilmslow


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